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Twirl on Miranda, Twirl on


I thought I was pretty lucky to have the opportunity to interview a smokeshow

who leads the UGA majorette team. Whats a majorette team? Honestly, before my

interview with sophomore Miranda Williams I had no idea what a majorette was. A

majorette is a team of ladies who do a mix of twirling and dancing in national

competitions and also during football games. I went into this interview with several

questions I thought would garner entertaining answers, but really what I found was an

incredible story that this article will not justly illustrate.

! ! Ever since Miranda was three years old she has practiced twirling.

Naturally being from Jesup Georgia becoming the lead twirler for UGA has always been

a goal for her. Miranda spent her youth kicking butt in karate and becoming a

remarkable athlete via gymnastics training. These skills along with her tireless effort to

improve as a twirler had led to her accomplishing her dream of being the lead twirler for

UGA. Unfortunately in the spring of 2013 Miranda hurt her shoulder doing a back hand

spring in the rain. After getting an MRI the doctors noticed that she had an unusual

amount of spinal fluid, a phenomena called Chiari Malformation. Miranda had to

undergo surgery to expand her skull and remove a vertebrate from her spine. When I

asked her how this affected her athletically Miranda told me that it was easier now. Prior

to her surgery her equilibrium was off, but now it is corrected so she has improved at

her already perfected talent. I for one can admire how this tumultuous set back only

made her stronger. Miranda has returned this year as the UGA lead twirler and is a

crowd favorite. Miranda I wish you the best and hope you kill it on the field this season!

Miranda 3

Okay, so I feel kind of obligated to tell her story because she has had such a

miraculous journey that can inspire anybody who thinks they are having a tough time.

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten that this girl is awesomely attractive and is through the roof

flexible. I did uncover some information that could help a young single bro get on her

good side. First off she totally goes for cheesy lines. When I asked her what the

cheesiest pick up line she heard was she said a boy once asked her, “Are you from

Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see.” Believe it or not this fart cake got to take

Miranda out on a date. If you are looking to to really impress her, she wants a man

to take her to the beach to watch the sunset while wrapped in a blanket. Miranda is a

really cool hot majorette and has my vote for being the most amazing twirler in the SEC.

Okay peace out ya’ll let me know what you thought of this and if you know any other dope

cheerleaders or dancers shoot me an email and I’ll certainly interview them.



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