Ex-Trojan Brian Baucham Sues Kiffin, School

Lane Kiffin’s tenure as head coach of the USC Trojans did not exactly go as he hoped.  NCAA sanctions, poor on-field success and a lack of big wins led to his inevitable departure from the program – now you can add a lawsuit to that list.

Former USC cornerback Brian Baucham has sued the school and Kiffin, alleging that he was “forced” to play during the September 22, 2012 game against California.  Baucham is citing that he suffered “cardiopulmonary damage” and “brain injury with neurocognitive deficits” after the team’s contest.  The lawsuit also stated that he was severely dehydrated prior to the game and that he never should have stepped foot on the Coliseum grass that day.

During the fourth quarter of the game, Baucham – who had sustained a concussion two months earlier – collapsed on the field before ultimately going to the hospital and spending several days on a ventilator.  The fifth year senior never played another snap for the Trojans and a brain scan revealed he “had sustained a brain injury and had bleeding in the brain.”

The likelihood of the suit reaching court is rather low, and it appears in the preliminary stages, that there will be a settlement outside of court.

*Section Photo credit to Neon Tommy, Shotgun Spratling; Featured Photo (above) credit to Mark J. Terrill, AP Photo

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