Louisville’s Fresh Jerseys for Florida State

Louisville takes a huge step this weekend as they begin the bulk of their inaugural ACC slate. While they’ve garnered attention for their simple yet statement-making uniforms, the Cardinals have a special jersey prepared for when they host the defending national champion Florida State on October 30. Unless Florida State encounters a hiccup between now and then, they will enter that week as a playoff bound team. When Louisville unveiled their “Bl-ACC-out” uniforms for the Miami game in week one, not only were fans even more excited about the game, but it created an incredible buzz around the Louisville football program. That’s the goal with the jerseys the team has prepared for Famous Jameis and co.

Sure, the jerseys are a little…let’s call them…different. Grey is a new color for jersey choices for Cardinal football, and Adidas seems to have an affinity for camouflage in uniforms in the last few years. However, the new jerseys incorporate some more of the chrome and bright red colors that we saw in the excellent blackout jerseys, and also bring back the Olde English “L” that Louisville fans are used to on the shoulders.

Louisville’s new uniform incorporates Adidas’ new Techfit Shockweb technology. The adidas Techfit Shockweb uniform is essentially like wearing tights all over your body. Shockweb fits tighter so that players are more difficult to tackle, and harder to grab on to. It will be excellent for backs and receivers to avoid tackles.┬áThe uniform also includes a full line of cleats with camo design details and a chrome red Cardinal logo on the tongue. The line includes the adizero 5-Star 3.0 – the lightest cleat in football at 6.7 ounces.

For the cynics, these jerseys would be what some would describe as “forcing it” in terms of trying to be trendy and keep up with Nike. However, I see the jerseys with a more optimistic take. I think the fact that Adidas is using Louisville as its “Oregon of the East” this season is an excellent move for them and for the University of Louisville as a whole. Ideally, this trend will continue and we’ll see some new, even better Adidas gear coming in the near future.

*Section Photo credit to Cardinal Athletics (http://www.gocards.com/)

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