Florida Gators Issued 406 Drug Tests in 2013

With the scrutiny around the dismissal of nine University of Texas football players, has come the new information that the school has issued 188 drug tests to members of its teams.  In just one year under head coach Charlie Strong, the Longhorns have issued more drug tests than they have the entire last four years under former head coach Mack Brown. You think that’s a lot?

Try, the Florida Gators – a team that in 2013 drug tested their players an outstanding 406 times.

The news broke after The Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi  dug into the past tests surrounding the Gators program.  So far this season, Bianchi found that the team has already tested players over 300 times.

The main point of Bianchi’s findings was to show the disparity between drug testing systems across college football. Fans have no idea if their players are actually being faithful to their responsibilities as college football players, and the NCAA as a whole needs to do a better job setting a uniform standard.

*Section Photo credit to Sam Greenwood, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to Kim Klement, USA Today Sports

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