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#WCW The Gonzalez Twins


Today’s Campus Sport’s Women Crush Wednesday will cover the Gonzalez twins. If you haven’t heard of the Gonzalez sisters then you’re missing out. These 6-foot twins are truly gorgeous women! Dylan and Dakota both played for the Kansas Jayhawks before transferring to UNLV. Dakota averaged 4.4 points a game and Dylan 1.1 points. Now that we got the boring stuff out the way let’s talk about them off the court.

Gonzalez Twins

These two twins are sexy and any guy would be lucky to have them. Perfect athletic bodies and gorgeous faces would make me go to every UNLV women’s basketball game to watch them play. The twins also have a huge social media following as well totaling over 600,000 Instagram followers each, (yes I am one of them) because of their stunning looks.  On Twitter, they have a shared account that has over 40,000 followers. And I’m telling you right now and here that you want to one of those followers. To able to see that kind of beauty pop up on my feed everyday is truly a blessing. #blessed.


If you ever have the urge to watch some women’s college basketball, you should watch the UNLV women’s basketball team to see this beautiful duo!


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