Week 6 Threads

Can you say upsets??? Good portion of the winners this week absolutely stunk it up on the field. However, as the great Wesley Snipes said in White Men Can’t Jump, “if you gonna lose you better look good.” Or something like that. Doesn’t matter. Here’s the top jerseys for week 6

5. Oregon
Let’s get Oregon out the way now, because they simply won Brest Cancer Awareness Month. No one will match the Ducks’ pink game, not in college, not in the pro’s. Bow down.

Ryan Kang / Emerald
4. TCU
The Horned Frogs crushed their classic black & purple look, as well as crushing the spirits of Sooners fans. Maybe Oklahoma should break out some fresh jerseys to boost morale. Just a thought.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
3. Texas A&M
The icey white helmets and shiny emblem of Texas are the only things A&M has to be proud of this past weekend. That is all.

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2. Kentucky
The worst team in the SEC was also the freshest in week 6. Some schools are good at one thing. In Kentucky, it’s basketball. Atleast they won here. Chrome domes, black & blue uni’s with sick patterns. That’s a fashion win in my books.

Photo via espn.go.com
1. Rutgers
No I’m not just picking Rutgers because I had a blast there this past Saturday (video coming soon).  These jerseys were even better in person. The helmets legit have the finish of a knight’s armour. Pair that with the black and red combo; along with some more metal tone in the numbers?  Heat Seeker Missile. Then pink towels to acknowledge a great cause… Perfect Execution.

(AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

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