WCW: Tiffany Suarez

Today’s Campus Sport’s Women Crush Wednesday will cover Tiffany Suarez. This girl is the definition of a blonde bombshell. Saurez stands at 5’11 and plays for the University of Virginia’s womens basketball team. On the court last season, she averaged 2.2 points and 1.1 rebounds.  In high school, she was Dade County Girl’s basketball 8A player of the year. However, I know this is not what you want to hear about her, so let’s get to the good stuff.

Tiffany Suarez is easily one of the hottest females playing basketball at any level. Scratch that, she is the one of the hottest females participating in sports period. When I was going through her Instagram @tiffanysuarez3, I was only in awe of how gorgeous she was. Tiffany truly has beauty that has been graced to us by God’s glory! She alone would make anyone attend a Virginia women basketball game. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they use her as a promotion tactic to get fans to the game! Also, she has a mean selfie game. I’m not hating though because she does the selfie game justice on all her social medias! Her Instagram following is huge with over 20k followers and her Twitter has 4k followers. If you haven’t followed her by now then I do not understand what you are doing. I already made her my Women Crush Wednesday and I would not doubt that you will too once you see her.

So for this upcoming year make sure to get some Virginia basketball gear and keep on the lookout for the stunning Tiffany Suarez!


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