Fred’s Bar – Baton Rouge, LA

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Fred’s Bar has been serving the LSU community since 1981.  Made up of 12 bartenders and 18 doormen, Fred’s Bar continues to stay true to their LSU traditions.  Several bars (3 inside and 1 on the patio), a wall of SEC flags, a huge dance floor, painted murals, and pool tables are just a few of the things that make up the bar. Jason Nay, General Manager of the Fred’s bar, states, “We want customers to have the old-school traditional theme with the comforts of clean bathrooms, fresh music, and top shelf liquors.”  He adds that Fred’s Bar has kept its same look for the past 33 years with the exception of a few minor maintenance and up-keeping projects.

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The Bar is located in the heart of what is known as “Tigerland” (an area populated with several college bars just yards away from tiger stadium).  During home football game days, Fred’s Bar prepares over 200 steaks for its customers.  Nay explains, “We usually begin at 8:00 am.  There is no cover for our game day steaks.  It is just a time where old employees, customers, and families come out eat steaks before tailgating.”  He describes the event as very family oriented.  Outside of game days, Fred’s holds weekly events such as S.H.I.T. (so happy it’s Thursday) and Open Bar Fridays.

One reason for the bar’s popularity is perhaps the fact that it is the only bar that serves fresh squeezed orange juice and lemonade.  Nay explains that during an entire week nearly 80 gallons (40 cases of oranges) are squeezed.  He then adds that the cost of fresh squeezed orange juice and lemonade actually trumps the cost of the vodka served.  Another reason for the bar’s success comes from its electrifying atmosphere.  On any given Friday or Saturday the bar is filled with tons of students partying to classic and the latest music. “Often we have a live band on the patio and inside a DJ playing all types of music,” Nay explains.

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With the many amenities of Fred’s Bar there is no need to wonder why it rated one of the most fun bars in Baton Rouge.  The bar continues to gain more customers and more attention due to its promise to always keep the LSU Tradition alive.  Geaux Tigers!

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