Pics and Vids from Week 10

Personally, I’ve never been to the world’s largest cocktail party, the annual extravaganza between Florida and Georgia. A beach in the middle of November doesn’t sound appealing to me, but this is one weekend where I feel like I missed out. Below are some videos and pictures from the happenings in Jacksonville. The public intoxication wasn’t limited to one school, both Georgia and Florida fans seemed to really really enjoy their weekend.

Attached is a link featuring this happy couple celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

Best of all,  there always that one person who can’t seem to stay awake for the start of the game. Nothing is better than watching a person sleep on the hood of a car.

This Ole Miss fan seemed pretty upset.




*Section Photo and Featured Photo (above) credit to Sam Greenwood, Getty Images. 

Game-Day Experience: Auburn (Video)
Game-Day Experience: Auburn (Video)