2015 NFL Mock Draft

Draft order based off of current standing:

  1. Oakland Raiders: Amari Cooper WR Alabama
    2014 record: 0-8
    Even though Oakland is 0-8 it looks like they made the right move with Derek Carr. Now it is time to make sure Carr is going to be set up to succeed. The next logical move for Oakland to make is to give Carr a reliable weapon. Amari Cooper is the best WR in this draft and will give Carr a reliable weapon for years to come. With the NFL becoming more and more of a passing league and with the rules that favor WRs taking Amari Cooper will help this offense take the next step.
  2. New York Jets Marcus Mariota QB Oregon
    2014 record: 1-8
    The Jets will most likely have a new regime this offseason, and they would like to start it off drafting the new face of their franchise. Mariota would be coming in loaded with offensive weapons in Decker, Harvin (unless cut), and Amaro. Mariota would also look like the safer pick next to Jameis Winston who maybe the better quarterback, but has many off field issues.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars Leonard Williams DE/DT USC
    2014 record: 1-8
    The Jaguars are actually starting to look like a NFL team; with Bortles behind center their offense only looks to be getting better. Now it is time to give Gus Bradley what he needs to set his defense up. Williams would be the ideal player for Bradley’s versatile scheme with his ability to line up at DE or DT while still being an effective pass rusher.
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jameis Winston QB Florida State
    2014 record: 1-7
    In my last mock draft Winston fell all the way to the Arizona Cardinals at the bottom of the first round; fortunately for him he has too much talent to fall that far. Tampa Bay would be the ideal spot for Winston to play. He would have the ultimate players’ coach in Lovie Smith who not only would be loyal to his guy (i.e “Rex is our quarterback”) but could help Winston grow as a man and make better decisions.
  5. Atlanta Falcons Randy Gregory DE/OLB Nebraska
    2014 record: 2-6
    Some how the Falcons defense just keeps getting worse and worse every year and it will likely cost Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff their jobs. With an offense that has all the potential in the world the Falcons are in need of a defensive weapon that can help get them off the field on third down. Gregory would be that guy for the Falcons; with his ability to line up at DE and OLB he could be used all over the field. Gregory would be the cornerstone in the defensive rebuild in Atlanta.
  6. Tennessee Titans Todd Gurley RB UGA
    2014 record: 2-6
    The Titans look like the weakest team in an already weak AFC South, the Jaguars and Texans at least look like their arrow is point up for the future. They will likely continue their team rebuild by taking best player available. Todd Gurley would allow the Titans to have a legitimate RB who would be able to take pressure off their young quarterback Mettenberger. Gurley would be the start of the Titans rebuild but he would be a great asset once they find their franchise quarterback.
  7. Washington Redskins Shane Ray DE/OLB Missouri
    2014 record: 3-6
    Washington will most likely be moving on from Brian Orakpo who will be looking for a big contract this off season. Shane Ray would be a cheaper and healthier option for Washington. Orakpo has not played a full season since 2011 and would not be worth the big contract that he will be looking for. Shane Ray would provide a very similar skill set to Orakpo with his ability to line up at DE and OLB.
  8. Chicago Bears Landon Collins S Alabama
    2014 record: 3-5
    The Bears have a lot of spots to fix on their defense but one hole they need to fill is safety. The Bears have not had a competent player back there since Mike Brown. Collins is seen as the best safety in the draft, he would be able play either safety role for the Bears. Collins was so good in 2013 that at times Alabama would just allow HaHa Clinton-Dix to play center field as Collins took care of the back field. Though safety is a huge need this pick ideally would be a trade down for the Bears with their defensive needs such as LB, CB, S, DE; accumulating additional picks maybe the only thing that would allow the Bears defense to finally getting better.
  9. St. Louis Rams Connor Cook QB Michigan State
    2014 record: 3-5
    The Rams are going to have to move on from Sam Bradford this offseason. They have seen many seasons fall short due to the fact that Bradford just cannot stay on the field. Cook would be able to come in and run their offense right away. The Spartan field general is seen as a pure pocket passer who has some mobility. Cook’s presence would allow the Rams to compete in the already tough but unstable NFC West.
  10. New York Giants Adrus Peat OT Stanford
    2014 record: 3-5
    The Giants need to improve their offensive line, having a shaky LT with an immobile quarterback is a recipe for disaster. This draft does not have the depth of last year’s draft at offensive tackle, but Peat has played in a passing offense against some great pass rushers and is still seen as a top prospect. He will help improve that offensive line at LT or at RT.
  11. Carolina Panthers Leonard Floyd DE/OLB UGA
    2014 record: 3-5-1
    The Panther defensive line was amazing last year with Greg Hardy, but with his off field issues it looks like his time in Carolina is just about over. Hardy will need to find his replacement this offseason and Leonard Floyd looks like a great prospect to take his place. Floyd is the best pass rusher on UGA, and would be coming to an already deep Panthers defensive line. Floyd would most likely share time at DE with last year’s second round pick Kony Ealy but he would help get the Panthers defensive line back to where they were in 2013.
  12. San Francisco 49ers Brandon Scherff OT/G Iowa
    2014 record: 4-4
    The 49ers are going to have a lot to look at his offseason with coach Jim Harbaugh’s future unclear, and the same to be said for players Aldon Smith, Ray McDonald, Alex Boone, etc. But if they decide to move on from Boone who is looking for a new contract, Scherff would be an ideal replacement. He was seen as one of the best offensive linemen over the summer but recently has fallen due to his pass blocking skills. Scherff’s strength is in his run blocking and with the 49ers running offense and mobile QB Scherff could be a great match.
  13. Minnesota Vikings La’El Collins OT/G LSU
    2014 record: 4-5
    The Vikings made a great pick taking Teddy Bridgewater at the end of the first round last year. They thought they had their QB and LT set for the foreseeable future, but Matt Kalil has done a full 180 from his rookie year. Collins would be a great insurance policy for Kalil if he continues to struggle. Collins has the ability to play tackle or guard on either side of the line. His versatility would make him a no brainer for the Vikings if he is still on the board at this point.
  14. Houston Texans Shaq Thompson LB Washington
    2014 record: 4-5
    The Texans already have a many weapons on their defense, by adding Shaq Thompson they will have consistency at ILB. Brian Cushing when healthy is great for the Texans but Cushing does not seem able to stay on the field. Shaq Thompson’s athleticism would allow him man the middle of this defense which is already stacked with Watt, Clowney, and Mercilus.
  15. Cleveland Browns Kevin White WR West Virginia
    2014 record: 5-3
    The Browns are improving and are looking like a team that could be on the rise in a few years. With a wild card in Josh Gordon the Browns may want to look at WR. White would provide a WR who could do a little bit of everything. If he gets to line up across from Gordon next year he would be a legitimate number two WR.
  16. Miami Dolphins Trae Waynes CB Michigan State
    2014 record: 5-3
    Miami has the makings of a great defense but still need to improve their secondary. Their corners have played well lately but Waynes would allow one of their corners to move inside to the nickel and add depth. Waynes would be able to match up with more physically gifted WRs with his 6-1 frame.
  17. Green Bay Packers Bernardrick McKinney LB Mississippi State
    2014 record: 5-3
    The Packers have a need at ILB and need someone who is more athletic than A.J. Hawk currently is. McKinney has been the most versatile player on the Mississippi State defense. He is able to play the run, drop back into coverage and rush the passer. He would be an ideal fit in the Packers 3-4, who love to rush the pass from all over the field.
  18. Cleveland Browns (From Buffalo Bills) Shilique Calhoun DE/OLB Michigan State
    2014 record: 5-3
    With two first round picks the Browns have a lot of flexibility this offseason. Taking the best pass rusher available is never the wrong move for a team. Calhoun is another pass rusher who can play DE or OLB. Having Calhoun on your defensive line along with Mingo would allow the Browns to be a pass rushing force for the years to come.
  19. San Diego Chargers Sammie Coates WR Auburn
    2014 record: 5-4
    Philip Rivers may be doing the most with the least in the NFL this year. Getting Rivers another WR should be number one on the Chargers to do list this off season. Sammie Coates has good size and speed and should be able to provide Rivers with someone he can count on to catch the ball.
  20. Baltimore Ravens Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin
    2014 record: 5-4
    The Ravens just closed a chapter with Ray Rice; they may look into taking Gordon in the first round. This would not just be fitting a big need but could also be seen as a new beginning at the running back position to help fans and the media move on from the Ray Rice scandal. Gordon would provide the Ravens with a tailback  who could hit break a big run on any play. Gordon can also catch the ball out of the back field which would fill a big need for the Ravens and provide Flacco with a player he could shut the ball down to on any play.

Playoff teams if season ended today


  1. New Orleans Saints Marcus Peters CB Washington
    2014 record: 4-4
    The Saints have a few needs on defense but one big need is a corner that can be put out on an island. Marcus Peters would be a player that would be an improvement at corner for the Saints. He has the size and speed to match up with most of the WRs in the NFC South. ** Peters was recently dismissed from the University of Washington. This should have a negative effect on his draft stock but until more specific details come out on the situation I will keep his draft stock where it is.**
  2. Seattle Seahawks Devin Funchess WR/TE Michigan
    2014 record: 5-3
    The Seahawks just traded away Percy Harvin and they look like they will be moving on from Zach Miller this offseason. Funchess could be the solution for two positions for the Seahawks. Funchess has spent time at TE and WR which will allow him to play the slot role that Harvin vacated and run the seam route that most TE are using. Funchess is also just a smart football player and having him play with maybe one of the smartest young QB in league could lead to a dangerous match up for opposing NFC defenses.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs DeVante Parker WR Louisville
    2014 record: 5-3
    Alex Smith needs a WR he can count on; Dwayne Bowe has been a disappointment ever since signing his contract. DeVante Parker would give Alex Smith a big target that would be able to go up and bail him out of bad passes. Parker is also a deep threat that could stretch the field, something that is needed in Andy Reid’s offense.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals Dante Fowler DE Florida
    2014 record: 5-2-1
    The Bengals would love to get Fowler here; Dante Fowler is a classic 4-3 DE that would be joining an already deep Bengals defensive line. Fowler is a very good pass rusher but he may even be better against the run and in an AFC North where team runs the ball in the winter Fowler could be a great asset.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers P.J. Williams CB Florida State
    2014 record: 6-3
    The Steelers secondary has gotten old fast, they should be targeting a corner this offseason. Williams is a physical corner that would be able man the corner position for the Steelers for years to come.
  6. Dallas Cowboys Eddie Goldman DT Florida State
    2014 record: 6-3
    The Cowboys still need to improve their defense, the best place to keep improving would be the defensive line. Eddie Goldman would provide great depth and a great rotation at the DT and 3-tech position. Currently Henry Melton mans the 3-tech for the Cowboys but he will need to be spelled often in order to play a full season. Goldman would be great against the pass and the run for the Cowboys.
  7. Indianapolis Colts Denzel Perryman ILB Miami
    2014 record: 6-3
    The Colts need a quarterback for their defense; Perryman is a classic middle linebacker who can help set up the defense. He is ideal against the run, but will need to improve his pass coverage at the next level. But practicing against
  8. Detroit Lions Shawn Oakman DE/DT Baylor
    2014 record: 6-2
    The Lions are at risk of losing Suh this offseason; Oakman would be a great replacement. He can play both DT and DE and is just a physical monster with a high motor. He would be a great fit on the Lion defensive line and would not be an improvement from Suh, but he would be a cheaper option that could be a better fit for a new locker room.
  9. Philadelphia Eagles Ty Montgomery WR Stanford
    2014 record: 6-2
    With Jeremy Maclin putting up career numbers and prepping to hit free agency he will be looking for a big contract. The Eagles may be hesitant to give him that contract with this being his only season where he has yet to miss a game. Chip Kelly has shown that he can develop wide receivers, and Ty Montgomery was seen as a high WR prospect entering the year. With his skill set along with Chip Kelly’s offense I would see him as a cheap replacement for Maclin or a great complement that would allow Maclin to thrive in the slot.
  10. Denver Broncos TJ Yeldon RB Alabama
    2014 record: 6-2
    The Broncos look like the most complete team in football, but they still look like they need a running back. Yeldon would be a great fit in Denver with his ability to run up the middle and catch the ball out of the back field.
  11. New England Patriots Jaelen Strong WR Arizona State
    2014 record: 7-2
    If the Patriots do not get Tom Brady a wide receiver this offseason he should go on strike. Jaelen Strong would be a great fit with his size and his speed. He is a bigger WR than what Brady has had for the past few years.
  12. Arizona Cardinals Brett Hundley QB UCLA
    2014 record: 7-1
    The Cardinal offense and defense are both rolling right now; without any immediate need Bruce Arians may look into an insurance policy for Carson Palmer who missed a few games this season. Brett Hundley was seen as a very raw yet talented quarterback entering the season. Arians could see Hundley the QB of the future. With the right coaching Hundley could be a steal at this pick.

*Section Photo credit to Associated Press; Featured Photo (above) credit to Marvin Gentry, USA Today Sports

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