Best In Big 12: Baylor or TCU?

As the college football season begins to come to a close there is much debate over No. 4 ranked TCU and No. 7 ranked Baylor. Both teams have one loss and a record of 8-1 going into week 13 of the college football season. The key distinction is that TCU’s only loss came against Baylor, so the debate continues as to why TCU is ahead of the Bears in the College Football Rankings.

Back in October, Baylor beat TCU 61-58 after coming back from a 21-point deficit in the final quarter against the Horned Frogs. TCU was ahead the entire game but Baylor shocked the college football nation when they had one of the greatest comebacks in school history. Baylor kicker Chris Callahan made a 28-yard field goal in the final seconds to send the Horned Frogs home in shock.

This begs the question, after Baylor’s shocking win against TCU, why is TCU in the top four for the college football playoffs and Baylor isn’t?

The deciding factor has to do with looking at both teams’ complete schedules. It all comes down to whom TCU and Baylor have played and most importantly whom they have beat. The College Football Playoff committee has TCU ranked in front of Baylor because of their impressive wins against teams like Oklahoma, Kansas State and West Virginia. Baylor however did beat Oklahoma, but also lost big to West Virginia.

In summary, its quite simple, TCU has better quality wins than Baylor, and the Playoff Committee also conducts their own eye test and TCU looks like the formidable opponent as of late.

Baylor still has three tough games including Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Kansas State. The Bears will have to continue to prove themselves while TCU’s toughest games of their schedule are behind them. The debate also continues concerning the Big XII Championship. If Baylor does continue to win, who will take credit for the Big XII Title? Both teams would have to share the championship and it would be left up to the College Football Playoff committee to decide if TCU is still the team who deserves to go to the 2014-2015 College Football Playoffs. Baylor desperately needs TCU to lose one more game if they want any shot at getting in the inaugural playoff.

Time is running out for Baylor, may the best Big XII team win.

*Section Photo credit to Ronald Martinez, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to Kevin Jairaj, USA Today Sports

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