SantaCon 2014: Binghamton University Knows How to Unwind

December means a lot of things in the life of college students. The semester is winding down and finals are making us think things we haven’t thought in months, but it’s also time to get in the Christmas spirit. Most will only be around to enjoy the Christmas lights, trees and other decorations for a few days, but it definitely helps lighten the mood during a time that most could use a boost.

What is also needed during the final stressful days of a semester is a quality study break. What better excuse to put the textbooks and notes down for a minute than to celebrate SantaCon? It’s the best reason to dress up like Santa or anything else related to Christmas and have a great time. Binghamton University clearly needed a break from the library because they went all out for it over the weekend, and our friends at COED helped us see exactly how they did it with this video.

When we say they went full tilt, we weren’t joking. There were selfie sticks to chronicle the action and everything. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but they didn’t let some rain ruin their Christmas spirit. What else would they do if the SantaCon celebrations got cancelled, go back in and study? Not on this day. That’s what the tents were for.

If you’re all done with finals and the semester is officially over, welcome to the glory that is winter break. If there are still a few more tests between you and that coveted month away from class, best of luck. If the kids at Binghamton have taught you anything, take breaks when necessary. They’ll energize you.

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