Tim Tebow: Using Football to Excel in a New Career

When you have a fantastic athletic career in college and become a superstar, it’s hard to believe anything could go wrong — especially when you live your dream as a professional athlete. Some people don’t realize how quickly you can be judged and watch everything go away after just one bad year. Tim Tebow, known for his time on the football field with the University of Florida and then with the Denver Broncos and New York Jets in the NFL, went through a similar situation.

Tebow’s college football years were quite the experience for him. He took over as starting quarterback for the Florida Gators in 2007, fresh off a national championship. Despite questionable passing skills, he earned the incredible honor of being a Heisman Trophy winner that season before winning another national championship the following year.

After graduating from Florida, Tebow entered the NFL as a 2010 first-round draft pick of the Broncos. After signing a five-year contract and leading the organization to the playoffs, his time there was done once Peyton Manning signed, which led to him getting traded to the Jets.

His last taste of NFL action came in June of 2013 with the New England Patriots. Originally signing a two-year deal with guaranteed money, his performance wasn’t up to par and was cut after several preseason games that August.

Being the nice guy that Tebow is, he thanked the Patriots for the opportunity and said he would never give up on trying to pursue his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback.

Most people would feel defeated after experiencing the adversity he faced while trying to be accepted as an NFL quarterback. Instead of feeling sorry for himself while waiting for the phone to ring, the signal-caller did something different by making a new career for himself as a football analyst and contributor on Good Morning America.

Tebow joined the brand-new SEC Network by signing a broadcasting deal with ESPN as a college football analyst. He was set to be a co-host of their traveling pregame show, similar to College Gameday. Although he’d rather be playing in the NFL, this gives him the opportunity to experience football from a different point of view, continuing to drive his passion.

The former QB has shown his versatility by going beyond football. He’s been a contributor to GMA since September of 2014, helping with a segment called “Motivate Me Monday.” It’s a series featuring individuals and their stories of accomplishment. This has him traveling to different towns and locations across America to motivate and inspire people.

Tebow is known for being a Heisman Trophy winning QB that didn’t make it in the NFL. But a lot of people are unaware of the success he’s found in a new career in broadcasting and media. His optimism is inspiring and he’s a good role model to have because he’s still hasn’t given up on his dream by staying involved and being proactive.

I have a lot of respect for what he’s done with himself. Others should think the same because he’s gone a long way from his days on the football field and in the NFL.


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