Which Celebrities are the Biggest Bandwagon Sports Fans?

There is nothing more special than being complete dedicated to a sports team — one you’ve grown up watching, own jerseys of favorite players and attend games whether they’re winning or losing. This is the definition of a true fan.

Many college sports fans are students, but what some may not know is how many celebrities are also diehard sports fans. The downside is that some don’t appreciate the true meaning of being a fan. Even some well-known celebrities have been seen jumping on the bandwagon when a team is performing well.

Matthew McConaughey is the opposite of a bandwagon fan. Born and raised in Texas, he loves his college football and consistently attends games to support the Texas Longhorns — his former college. He is one celebrity that seems to be completely dedicated to his team for better or worse.

Will Ferrell attended the University of Southern Cal before becoming a famous actor, but his ties to USC are still strong. He’s made it known that he used to work closely with former Trojans football coach, Pete Carroll, to do motivational stunts for players. Whenever Ferrell is able to attend a game, everyone knows about it because he’s proud to be a Trojan.

But maybe his devotion to USC has made him lazy in other sports? He’s been seen donning gear from both the Kansas City Royals and Los Angeles Dodgers. Apparently, his bandwagon is strictly for baseball.

Snoop Dogg has built himself up to be one of the most famous rappers of all-time. Like Ferrell, he’s a huge USC football fan, and has been seen on the sidelines during games multiple times. There’s also a good chance his oldest son will commit to the program upon entering college next fall. But when it comes to NFL teams? Snoop has gone on record saying he’s a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders. He can’t pick one?

Meanwhile, Jessica Alba has built the reputation of rooting for just about any basketball team in California. When there are four NBA teams that hail from the same state (Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings), she’s bound to ruffle the feathers of “true fans.” It makes things very strange to root for all of them, or whoever is playing the best at the moment, like the Clippers and Warriors.

That kind of stuff doesn’t fly in Lob City and Dub Nation.

Of all the bandwagon fans in history, none are nearly as bad as Drake. If there’s anything he’s proven since becoming famous, it’s that he can’t be counted when it comes to supporting just one team per sport. Last season, he was supporting the Kentucky Wildcats while they faced the UConn Huskies in the NCAA tournament.

That’s a little peculiar because he’s also been seen rooting for UConn on separate occasions, along with the Kansas Jayhawks. Just this year, there was evidence of him wearing a DePaul basketball shirt. Yes, DePaul.

When it comes to being considered a bandwagon fan, celebrities have to answer questions from the media about it. In Drake’s case, he claims to have a lot of friends playing for different teams. This is not team hopping, but simply supporting his friends.

That makes sense to a degree, but it still isn’t OK in the eyes of fans who support one team and one team only. If you wear any clothing other than your “chosen” team, you’re a bandwagon fan. No excuses.

And when your attire continues changing to align with the team that’s winning at the moment, that makes matters even worse. It’s like a college basketball fan wearing a Kentucky jersey with a Lousville hat to a game. Pick one! Sports weren’t created to work any other way.


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