Taking a Nap vs. Studying: The Struggle of Choosing

Being a college athlete made me appreciate the power of a great nap. I don’t think this is an exception to students who don’t play a sport, either. Both have crazy hours, whether it’s because of early morning workouts or a late night out. And, a nap is always necessary during a hectic time, like midterm and finals week.

There’s no way to get through a day without a nap as an athlete. Unfortunately, sometimes mine would be cut to 15-minutes between classes because there just weren’t enough hours in a day. If I got lucky, I’d enjoy a two-hour hibernation before practice, helping me get through tutoring since it didn’t end until 9pm.

Students who don’t play a sport have more opportunities to find the perfect time to nap between classes. They’re still a necessity because fortunately in college, having a Thursday morning hangover is acceptable because Wednesday was lady’s night out.

One of the hardest decisions on the planet must be deciding whether to nap or study. Many avoid their house or dorm room to study because it’s just more motivation to throw the books aside and crawl into bed. Some may give in to a quick thirty-minute snooze before bearing down and getting some work done, but not all of us are that strong-willed.

Finding the perfect nap schedule is crucial for everyone in college. A fifteen-minute nap is useful for some power to keep you going throughout the day. A thirty-minute nap is helpful for those having trouble keeping their eyes open during longer days of classes. For you longer nappers, an hour or two of shuteye is useful for students with a long night ahead — whether it’s partying or cramming for a test.

The bonus of a quick nap is it can literally happen anywhere. Some students will take naps in the union, at home if they’re close to campus or maybe even in the car. Find a place that works for you and stick to it. If you don’t take naps easily, there are many ways to make them more enjoyable and personalized for your liking. Be sure to have a pair of headphones at all times to ignore potential disturbances.

The sad reality is college is doesn’t last forever and the glory that is taking a nap will disappear. Suddenly, you have the typical 9am-to-5pm work hours like everyone else, and you’re expected to stay awake for all of them. Enjoy those four (or sometimes more) years while they last. In college, napping is what your entire schedule should be centered around.


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