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College Athletics: The Good and Bad Part About Offseason


Whether you’re an athlete or a fan, it’s safe to say the offseason is the worst part of college athletics.

As a former athlete, I know it’s not nearly as fun as the actual season. Workouts are 10 times harder, and it feels like the time spent training is longer than it is in-season. As a student, you must wait around for months before games come back. With an exciting Super Bowl over the weekend and the College Football Championship a few weeks ago, football is officially (and unfortunately) over. Now, we all must wait months until the excitement starts again.

Let that empty feeling set in.

The offseason is officially in session. It’s where all the work is put in to get better before next year comes. Students may count down the months and days until kickoff, but there is no downtime for athletes.

Going into my first offseason, I recall multiple teammates telling me it was fun and there was more time for other priorities–but that was the complete opposite of how I felt. Before even getting to touch a ball, I had to endure 6am workouts for two months. Talk about torture!

When we finally started to practice, the hours were late and it felt as if I was busier than before. This is similar for almost all sports. Getting discouraged as an athlete can be easy because there are months standing between you and that first game. However, this time is important to put in that extra work.

The offseason allows athletes to better themselves and work on weaknesses in their game. Competing against other teams is the pinnacle of college athletics, but now there are a few moments to prepare for the upcoming season and hit those lofty goals that have been set.

Athletes love to be in-season just as much as the students do. It’s a time to enjoy the games and watch all that hard work eventually pay off. For fans who wait for one particular sport each year, it will be a struggle to find something to fill that void. Other sports or extracurricular activities can help, but only so much.

Football is finished, basketball is in full swing and baseball is thankfully right around the corner. Whatever your sport is, the offseason is a necessary evil for everyone. For those already upset about no more football being played, the wait is not forever.

Soon enough, college football return, filling our minds hearts with episodes of College Gameday and tons of school spirit once again.


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*Section Photo credit to Getty Images and Featured Photo (above) credit to Baltimore Sun.


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