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#TBT: Catching Up With Christian Robinson


Christian Robinson played football at the University of Georgia from 2009-2012, playing in 51 games with 17 starts. Two times he notched his career high in tackles (13),  once against Georgia Tech in 2012 and again against No. 5 Boise State in 2011. He had 78 solo tackles and 159 total tackles. He also had 22.5 tackles for loss.

What was the best game you played in at UGA?

My best game had to be against Georgia Tech my senior year. I had 15 tackles and had several memorable plays that people still bring up to me. I made an open-field tackle against one of their running backs and got up and gave them the “NO” finger wave. It was cooler than I thought it was at the time.

What was the best environment (outside of Sanford Stadium) that you played in?

When we played at South Carolina in 2012 I was a captain since my dad had played at USC. They played 2001: A Space Odyssey as we walked out for the coin toss and everyone in the stadium lost their mind. We were the College Gameday Game of the Week and I had never seen anything like that in my life.

Outside of football and hanging with teammates, what was your favorite thing to do in Athens?

Like most football players I really like good food. I actually ate out way too much and I didn’t really like to go eat fast food that much. My friends and me would go try all the local restaurants around town. I’ve done that so much that people I don’t know still reach out to me for great local places since I tweeted and posted where I ate everyday.

What was it about Georgia that made you say, “This is where I want to spend my college years”?

I’m originally from Charleston, SC and when my family moved here in 1998 I fell in love with the people. Before I ever got recruited I saw that Georgia people are special. We have our own way of life and on a Saturday in the fall, everyone is watching the game. It doesn’t matter who you are, you’re going to be watching. When people are moving weddings around the UGA football schedule, you know it’s a place of serious football.

What’s it like transitioning to the coaching side of football so soon after your playing days end?

It was definitely a challenge. You go from sitting in class with your buddies, to having to hold them accountable for missing a tutor. There’s a new line that was never there before and I think I took the approach that I am a big brother and not a superior. I want every player that comes to UGA to be successful and get everything they want from this experience. I came back to make Georgia better and I enjoyed being there for my brothers.

Are you planning on staying at UGA? What’s the ultimate goal?

UGA has been a great place to help me transition, but I know I will have to one day move on from here and make a name for myself. I love football, but I have several other talents, so I’m going to have to decide if its something I really can see myself doing with a family years down the road. It’s hard to leave what’s comfortable, but transition helps you grow.

What was NFL training camp like with the Rams?

It was an exciting and challenging process. You go straight from your senior year and you don’t stop until you’ve either played a whole season or don’t make it. I went and it opened my eyes to just how much of a business the NFL is. They are thinking about money and how they can get the best players for the least amount of money. There’s a bottom line and that is always being taken into account. The whole process shows you that you are constantly being interviewed. How you act and play both are being taken into account and they are analyzing you at all times.

How difficult is it to finally say “I’m done playing”?

I think its really hard to walk away from anything you love and spend most of your life doing. Like I said earlier, it’s hard leaving comfortable, but it was good for me. I still have my health and now I get to be a fan of the younger generation. You don’t want to play forever. You want to be able to look back and enjoy what you did as well as share those stories with your loved ones. Football served me well. It made me who I am up to this point.


What are your top-5 albums of all time?



Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream

Jay Z – Magna Carta…Holy Grail

Drake – Take Care

Usher – Confessions

Sam Hunt – Montevallo

*Photo credit to Radi Nabulsi, ESPN


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