Every Dawg Has Its Day: UGA vs. Kentucky

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s game day in Athens. And here at the University of Georgia, that means one thing and one thing only- Go Dawgs! With their last home game of the season, the Georgia Bulldawgs (19-9) take on the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats (29-0) in Stegeman Coliseum at 9pm tonight.

Now we’ve all heard of the extraordinary talent surrounding John Calipari’s Wildcat team (and rolled our eyes the umpteenth time we heard ESPN marvel at how oh-so-unbelievable they are). But what not all of us have heard is how the Bulldawgs have quietly been making their case for the NCAA tournament. With a few key wins throughout the season and an RPI rank of 33, the Bulldogs are certainly apart of the Braketology conversation.

But forget the RPI, the SOS, or any other variables we could scrutinize over. It’s plain and simple. If the dawgs dethrone Kentucky, Georgia is in the tournament. No ifs ands or buts. But the question remains – how can David take down Goliath?

In answering that question, I could pretend I’m an expert. I could sift through the Internet to find professional insights and keys to the game. I could regurgitate facts and figures, making it seem like I know what I’m talking about. But truth is, I don’t. So instead, I’ll cut the crap, leave the coaching to the coaches, and give you my two cents:

BULLDAWGS, TURN UP. Tonight, the spotlight is on us. We’re hosting the undefeated, unanimously ranked number 1 team in the country. It’s our court, our fans, and our chance to make the impossible possible. And while we can’t control the stats, the players, or the coaching– there is one thing we can control – the environment. You don’t need Dickie V to tell you that a rowdy crowd can change the outcome of a game. And who better to raise hell than the Georgia Bulldawgs? So be loud, be rowdy, and let’s bring home a victory for the ages. And remember, every dawg has its day.

*Section Photo credit to Student News Source, The University of North Georgia; Featured Photo (above) credit to University Architects, University of Georgia