QB Daxx Garman Has Until Monday to Decide If Future Is At OSU

It appears that Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy is finally done messing around. Last month, quarterback Daxx Garman informed the program that he was quitting the team and looking to transfer. Now, with no progress having been made, coach Gundy has set a deadline by which Garman will need to inform the coaching staff whether or not he will be returning to the school.

“He’s got some decisions to make,” Gundy told the website Friday. “He could very well be with us or he could decide, ‘Hey, I want an opportunity to go and be the main guy at another school,’ so we just kind of have to play it by ear and see how it works.” 

Garman took over early in the 2014 season for an injured J.W. Walsh, but was forced to miss the final three games of the season due to a concussion.  This created an opportunity for true freshman Mason Rudolph, who led the Cowboys to their first road win over Oklahoma since 2001.  Gundy subsequently named Rudolph the starter causing Garman to question his status with the team.

“I want him to do whatever he thinks is best for himself,” Gundy told the website. “Selfishly, we would love for Daxx to be here, but he could decide he wants to go somewhere else and I don’t think it would surprise anybody.”

One would expect Garman to settle on any school willing to accept the junior primarily because he wants to be the starter during the 2015 campaign.  Still, it remains to be seen what exactly the market is like for his services, and if the school is willing to offer him a starting gig.

*Section Photo credit to Ed Zurga, Getty Images ; Featured Photo (above) credit to Mark D. Smith, USA Today Sports

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