Boston Marathon: The Strength of a Sport

It’s hard to believe that the Boston Marathon bombing happened just over two years ago. Quite honestly, it’s hard to believe the bombing happened, period. While it’s hard to believe, on April 15th, 2013 at 2:49 pm, two bombs exploded near the finish line, killing some, injuring many and leaving the city of Boston devastated.

Though Boston was forever changed by the marathon bombing, the city did not remain in a state of devastation for long.

Just hours after the bombing, the people of the city of Boston coined the slogan “Boston Strong,” making it clear that they had the strength to get through this traumatic event.

With the 119th Boston Marathon scheduled for Monday, April 20th of this year, Boston has managed to prove just that.

As a city that has always taken pride in its sports events, Boston refused to let fear prevent them from hosting one of the world’s best-known marathons in their city.

Being that Boston is such a college-filled city, many of its colleges have been instilled with the mentality that sports are part of their identity. With this mentality intact, you can expect a large portion of the Boston Marathon’s running participants and cheering and celebrating bystanders to be students from Boston College, Harvard University, Boston University, Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts just to name a few.

Whether a local college student or a college student from afar, a resident or a visitor, a mom or a dad, a son or a daughter, a husband or a wife, one thing is certain: their love for the sport is stronger than any tragedy and it will bring them together at that starting line today, and continue to do so for years to come.

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*Section Photo Credit to David Richard/USA TODAY Sports; Featured Photo (above) credit to Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports

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