Pac-12 study: Athletes ‘too exhausted to study effectively’

During a recent study, it was revealed that Pac-12 athletes spend 50 weeks per week on average for their sport. The study states the Pac-12 athletes are “too exhausted to study effectively.”

Athletes claim they are stressed which leads to “anxiety and a loss of sleep that hinders academic and athletic performance.”

According to NCAA rules, athletes are limited to 20 hours per week for their sport. Unfortunately, when you add in all of the travel time and medical treatment, along with voluntary workouts and practices, the average time spent on the sport more than doubles.

That is an obvious concern, being a widespread issue throughout the Pac-12 in all sports.

“Essentially we want to make sure we have the appropriate balance between academic and athletics,” Scott said, via CBS Sports. “Some things … in certain areas may be out of whack.”

CBS Sports has a full copy of the report.

Bullet points from the report as pointed out by CBS are:

• Eighty percent of Pac-12 athletes say they missed a class for a game in 2014-15.

• More than half (54 percent) say they don’t have enough time to study for tests.

• Almost three-quarters (73 percent) said they felt a voluntary activity was considered mandatory. Some reported coaches threatening to “kick athletes off the team for missing voluntary activities.”

• Two-thirds say sports demands impacted their social lives. “Pac-12 athletes express a desire to make new friends outside of their sports teams.”

It will be interesting to see how the study impacts any future NCAA reform, because this is not an issue exclusive to the Pac-12 and its athletes.

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Mississippi State student cooks lunch with Foreman Grill in class