Cardale Jones challenged to video game rematch

In January, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones played video games with young hospital patient Jared Foley. Despite the do-gooder nature of the Buckeyes’ visit, Jones beat Foley 98-35 at NCAA Football. Then made a scene on Twitter when he “made sure” the reporting the final score properly.

Is everyone paying attention now? Because Foley wants a rematch, in a game Jones isn’t as well-versed in. If Foley gets revenge, Jones might not be so insistent in social media getting the final score right.

The exchange between Jones and Foley is absolutely hilarious. Foley’s public tweet for a rematch appears very cordial. Jones’ retorts by hyping up his previous video game performance.

Then Foley drops a bomb. He wants the rematch hosted on a new platform: NHL 15. Then Jones goes into some hoopla about how he has to go buy te game and if he loses Foley has to repay him for the game and blah blah blah.

How many people are going to read this and want Foley to wallop Jones in high style? The quarterback might never live an event like that down–a CFB title doesn’t compare to losing a virtual reality hockey, right?

Mark our words, if Jones falls to Foley in Video Game Battle Part 2, he’ll be calling for high stick penalties and Buckeyes’ power plays on the football field next season.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports