Video: Leah Still Scores Touchdown at Temple Spring Game

The story of Leah Still keeps on getting better.

The four-year-old daughter of Cincinnati Bengals’ defensive tackle Devon Still has been fighting for her life the past seven months, and was invited to participate in the coin toss at Temple’s spring football game.

She is beating cancer, and did the same to the Owls’ defensive unit, scoring a touchdown on the first play of the team’s spring game today.

She caught a screen pass, and as you can see below, evaded would-be tacklers to the end zone.


Devon Still played his college ball at Penn State, but was born about 20 miles from Temple’s campus and played high school football nearly 30 miles away at Howard High School of Technology.

Anyone watching the moment had to be an Owls’ fan at least for one play.

Leah’s story made national headlines last year when Devon took to social media to tell her story and asked for prayers. Her doctors gave Leah a 50/50 chance on surviving.

The Bengals were set to inform Devon he was not going to make the team last year, but when they heard of Leah’s story they let him remain on the practice squad for medical insurance purposes.

The country followed their story from treatment, to recovery and now finally remission. Cincinnati signed Devon to a one-year contract last month, and not just to be a practice squad member.

Bengals’ fans are probably hoping he has even half the fight of his daughter.

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