Hilary Duff Caught Using Tinder

It’s been a hot minute since the days of Lizzy McGuire and frankly, I completely forgot Hilary Duff even existed.

That is until a Tinder profile with her pictures appeared on Reddit over the weekend. With plenty of skeptics and lots of questions buzzing around the validity of the account, no one was sure what to think.

Well, the wait it over folks. Yesterday in an interview with Los Angeles’ 104.3, Duff admitted the profile was hers and she actively uses it to meet men.

She told Valentine in the Morning that she is currently talking with 9 men she met on Tinder and has plans for a first date at a bowling alley.

Most guy’s immediate reaction might be, “Holy shit, I need to snag a Tinder account ASAP and swipe left until I find her.” Well, if that’s you, pump the breaks champ – it’s Hilary Duff we’re talking about.

If she’s desperate enough to turn to the Tinder world to find a date, things clearly aren’t going her way.

While I’m tempted to bash her for using tactics that puberty-bound 6th graders use to fantasize about strangers in their area, she’s got more dates than I do.

You go girl.

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