Lingerie Football League Game MVP Chugs Beer on Field


First of all, can we take a minute to appreciate how outlandishly American the Lingerie Football League is? I mean, seriously. What other country would televise this kind of event? Only the good ones.

Besides the obvious amazingness of the League itself, I’m blown away by Alli Alberts’ tenacity. I mean this girl is in her bra and panties, scoring touchdowns, winning MVP trophies and still has enough badass left in the tank to chug a beer midfield.

It’s only fitting she sport the No. 1 on her jersey. What a gem.

While I can’t make out what beer she chose to chug, I can only speculate it was a Budweiser, mainly because that would just be outright phenomenal.

Needless to say, I’m sure this wide receiver has had her fair share of Hail Mary pickup lines since this video has been released. So hop in line boys, tryouts have already started.

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