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adidas/Topshop Streetwear Mashup


On the cusp of summer’s hottest trend design house adidas is partnering with the glamorous retailer Topshop to release their take on high-end twist streetwear with an athletic twist.


The capsule collection features bold graphic numbers, sleek color schemes and slouchy silhouettes.

Comprised of perforated leather and trimmed with stopwatch graphics these pieces can easy transcend from day to night, adding an interesting element to any ensemble.

The classic SUPERSTAR shell toe also makes an appearance draped in metallic cracked leather or classic white.

Perforated Leather Shorts w/ Stop Watch Detail (Photo Credit: Nylon.com)



adidas original's shell toe for Topshop (Photo Credit: adidas.com)
adidas original’s shell toe for Topshop (Photo Credit: adidas.com)


Price point for the 8 piece collection ranges from $44 to $270 and is available in stores and online today.


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