Debacle surrounding Rutgers mascot isn’t going away

In a week of sports owned by deflated footballs, it is a wonder that anything else has gotten any airplay.

But the most recent move by Rutgers University, and the arguments surroudning its mascot, should be sticking around for at least a couple of weeks.

Multiple sources reported in the early part of the week that the institution is looking to make its mascot more gender and ethnicity-neutral because students believe the current Scarlet Knight mascot is “too white and too male.” How would this be accomplished, you ask? By having a whole harom of mascots to represent the campuses diversity.

However, a┬áseries of interviews conducted by revealed that those interviewed were less concerned with the race or gender of the mascot and more interested in the school “altering tradition.”

The bill proposed by first year student assemblyeman Emmet Brennan, appears to not have met complete support.

WABC-TV New York reported that the Rutgers athletic department appreciates “the intent of (the student assembly’s) RUSA’s recommendation and will gladly engage in discussions with them on this matter.”

It looks like we might be hearing about this debacle all through the rest of the summer.

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