Glamping: Camping In Style

Oh the great outdoors, how we love thee. The scenic views, hanging with friends and outdoor activities; in essence, becoming one with nature…on the flipside of the spectrum; insects, showering in communal facilities and sleeping on the ground is not for everyone and can quickly turn memories into nightmares.

Not to worry friends, there is a new development in rural habitation that will satisfy the essentials of the eclectic travel buds everywhere.

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Glamping is a collaboration of traditional “roughing it” camping with the convenience of the comforts of Indoors life.” Imagine being in a hotel suite, but sleeping in the woods. Below is a compilation of all things Glamorous Camping that are sure to make the #SLM (Summer Life Movement) Top Ten.

Tree Camping in Germany (Photo Credit: is an international website featuring some of the best locations and properties throughout the world.

The site supplies customers with detail descriptions of each venue, property pictures and owner information with the option to book directly through them.

It has a 4.5 star rating from and received the Certificate of Excellence in 2013 from the site.

A more economical way of experiencing Glamping is by creating your own campsite. Renting camping equipment and bringing personal items to decorate your own campsite adds a personal touch and cuts the cost at least in half.

Sites like and offer a variety of rental options for equipment needs for camping.

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Stores like Target, World Market and Home Goods are great for canvassing unique supplies on the cheap that can be used for decorative or domestic purposes. and are great platforms for DIY Glamping ideas offering tips ranging from how to make decorative items out of unconventional items to camping recipes with a gourmet twist. Regardless if your budget is big or small, Glamping is a perfect way to experience the outdoors and create memories with friends that will last forever.

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