Easily Scared Gonzaga Student gets nearly scared to death

Roommates can be a tricky situation sometimes and you typically either love them or hate them. Some can be messy, others can be annoying, or they may scare the living crap out of you for an entire year then publish it on YouTube for the entire world to see. The latter is the case for poor skiddish Chris, also know as Kedo, whose Gonzaga roommates made it their personal mission to scare the hell out of him as many times as possible over the course of the year while filming to make a montage video for YouTube.

In the shower, brushing his teeth, cleaning dishes, or simply walking around, scaredy-cat Kedo just couldn’t seem to avoid the ensuing scares.

You can tell it isn’t an act as he hits the deck in the shower and constantly cowers in fear with each scare.

Watch the video to see for yourself:

The roommates are ruthless on the easily frightened fella. You would think after a certain period of time of abuse, a human could develop a tolerance or anticipation for the sudden scares.

Maybe Kedo is just taking it like a champ with a big secret revenge prank waiting to be sprung, but who knows. I know one thing is for sure, I would definitely remember to start locking the door when I shower or brush my teeth.

My condolences to you Kedo, but my applaud goes to your roommates.

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