Golfer forfeits $10,000 Hole-in-One prize to avoid sanctions

After recently finishing his junior year at Boston College, golfer Brian Butler was forced into a unique predicament that most golfers would dream about. Playing in a qualifier for the Benrus Open at the Preserve. Butler aced the eighteenth hole from 158 yards away. Unbeknownst to  Butler, his eagle on eighteen lined him up for a prize of $10,000. Due to his amateur status, he is only eligible for prizes from hole-in-one competitions ($10,000 at the qualifier and $1 million during the actual event).

When  GolfWeek asked about the prize money, Butler remarked, ” I didn’t know about the $10,000 prize, I just knew about the million dollars at the qualifier.”

Butler turned down the money in order to maintain amateur status and senior year eligibility with the National Collegiate Athletics Association. While enticing, the prize was not quite lucrative enough to prompt the surrender of his amateur status.  However, there may be a price that would move Butler to drop his amateur label for a professional one.

According to GolfWeek:

“I’m not going to give up my last year of college golf for $10,000,”

But next time — on the wild and crazy chance that there is a next time, that is — Butler can’t promise that he’d make the same decision. Not with $1 million on the table. “That,” he said, laughing, “would probably be a different story.”

Apart from the money, the hole-in-one allowed Butler to finish the round at 3-over and qualified for the June 18th tournament on the Par 3 course at the Preserve.

*Featured Photo (above) credit to Boston College Athletics 

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