Hijacked ‘Start Your Engines’ command kicks off Indy 500

Just call it the new “B*tchslap Seen ‘Round The World.”

FTW caught video footage of Indianapolis Motor Speedway chairperson Mari Hulman George having to swat away a woman standing next to her on stage who attempted to hijack the coveted “Start Your Engines” command.

Watch the opening of the bid, and you can see the blond-haired, white-clad lady inching closer and closer over George’s shoulder as if readying to make the command on her own.

Sporting News appropriately likened the moment this other woman swooped in on George to “blowing out someone else’s birthday candles.” We are hard-pressed to not agree 100-percent.

To make the moment even more awkward, George raised her slender-fingered hand up and batted the intruder away from the microphone to finish the call on her own.

We have yet to find a report of who this other woman is. But she is probably getting an earful from George’s posse.

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