Riley Curry is why kids should be allowed at press conferences

Riley Curry stole the hearts of many in her first appearance last week at the post-game press conferece following Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. She laughed, yawned and rawr’ed her way into the hearts of many.

Last night, Riley Curry was back in action.

She once again stole the post-game celebration and press conference spotlight from her dad. From her adorable games of hide and seek to her singing Big Sean’s hit Blessings, Riley Curry once again proved that she is the MVP of the NBA Playoffs.

Taking the role of top sports baby at the moment, there are still those who have some kind of issue with athletes bringing their children to the post-game interviews whish sparks probably one of the dumbest arguments for sports.

During a press conference, we watch as the journalist ask their questions, get their serious answers and meet their deadlines for the headlines of the next day. But where is the harm in bringing your child? Some people are complaining that it distracts the players and doesn’t allow them to answer the hard serious questions they are looking for.

But as for the readers, it looks like Riley Curry is what America really wants to hear about.

Twitter was overflowing with love and excitement when Riley Curry entered the conference room, people were laughing as she hid from people behind a curtain, and even when she decided to give her gum to one of the men on the sideline.

This isn’t the first time that children have been in the press conference room and hopefully it won’t be the last. Despite all the controversy, its nice to see an athlete also be a dad.

To see an athlete genuinely want to spend time with their child, not as a gimmick but as a sign of a good father.

Athletes get criticized for being too busy to spend time with their children, so how can we chastise them for wanting to spend time with them as well. Curry answers the questions reporters want answered while getting to spend some time with his daughter.

As far as I can tell, America wants more and more of Riley Curry and after her latest appearance I don’t see her leaving anytime soon. From stealing the floor to stealing the limelight Riley Curry, like so many other children of sports, is just hanging out with dad watching him do his thing.

America loves bring your daughter to work day Steph Curry, we can’t wait to see what else Riley has up her sleeve for next time.

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