We introduce to you Heavyweight pitcher Ben Ancheff

The legacy of overweight athletes began with the likes of Kentucky Wildcat quarterback Jared Lorenzen.  Lorenzen set the standard for fat athletes wooing fans with his cannon of a left arm and deceptively elusive quickness.

Now, we introduce to you the next in a long line of these infamous athletes St. Thomas Bobcats’ pitcher Ben Ancheff.  According to the team’s website, Ancheff stands at 6’2” weighing in at about 300 pounds.

Do I believe this estimation?  Absoultely not.

Ancheff is a mammoth of man, but has an electric arm capable of silencing all the nay-sayers.

Ancheff stole internet headlines during his appearance in the team’s NAIA World Series appearance against Lewis-Clark State.  Athlough his squad lost, it wasn’t before Ancheff was trending on more than one social media platform.


While Ancheff’s MLB future remains a mystery, one thing is for sure: he’s an absolute legend.

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