Kid shows off hockey skills in adorable GoPro ad

To a sports nut, a kid hockey video is equivilant to pictures of puppies–it can make any day better. Something about the helmets being too big for their heads and their slip-and-slide skating skills makes can give even the most apathetic human being a case of the feels.

So of course we couldn’t resist when USA Today’s For The Win got a hold of the highlight reel worthy GoPro ad.

Meet Ethan Bissonnette–aka “The Rocket”–a four-year-old playing backyard puck with his pops in Quebec. First off, check out how clutch this little backyard ice rink is. Complete with faceoff circle and goalie nets.

Second, the kid has some serious sniping skills, even going five-hole on his dad from the point. He might still be scooting on his skates, but heck can he shoot! Sign this kid to an entry-level contract already!

Or, at the very least, send us more videos of him. He’s just too fun to watch.

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