Transgender community is gaining acceptance through the media

Many people know that Bruce Jenner has recently opened up about being transgender.

Most people are unaware, however, that Jenner’s reason for doing so goes well beyond being truthful with the public.

Caitlin Beck explains that Jenner is “determined to be a role model for other individuals and families grappling with gender identity.”

Though it took most of the Kardashians a minute to process this all, on top of Jenner’s recent separation with Kris Jenner, the public has been pretty receptive to Bruce’s statement. And it seems as though those grappling with gender identity have found Jenner’s opening up to be helpful.

Since Jenner openly admitted to being transgender, others have felt comfortable opening up and sharing their story.

One father and a son have even agreed to share their story with the world: “ABC Family will premiere Becoming Us, an unscripted show that chronicles the life of 17-year-old Ben Lehwald of Evanston, Illinois, as his father Charlie transitions to become Carly” (Lynette Rice).

Rice adds that “the series will also focus on Ben’s girlfriend Danielle, whose dad is also transitioning into a woman.”

Like Jenner, Ben has good intentions for opening up to the public: “I want to be able to provide guidance for kids who are going through it,” Ben tells PEOPLE.

The docuseries premieres on June 8th at 9 p.m.

Hopefully when it does, the public will become more aware of the transgender community, and consequently become more open-minded to and accepting of Ben’s story and that of the other individuals and families facing gender identity issues today.

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