Video: Philippine diving team horribly flops at competition

Jumping off of a diving board can be fun. We all remember summers filled with cannon balls and can-openers. However, we also remember the belly flops and the excruciating pain if you landed those tricks incorrectly.

If you weren’t aware, and I am sure you weren’t, the 2015 Southeast Asian Games are taken place in Singapore this week. Here is an update on how the Philippines diving team faired in competition.

Things began poorly for the Philippines in the three-meter springboard diving finals, when John Elmerson Fabrigan decided to go for a triple back flip routine that ended in a full on reverse belly flop.

Unfortunately, things did not end there.

Next up was teammate John David Pahoyo, who followed his teammate’s disaster with open armed cannon ball trick that I haven’t seen since summers at the community pool.

I assumed that to be on a team that represents your country, you are supposed to be world class athletes. This was not the case for the Philippine diving team.

These divers either choked or got drunk before the competition began. There might be a video from the night before of these guys partying instead of being prepared for one of the biggest competitions of their careers. Joking about how funny it would be to screw up horribly.

Either way this video is one to save in your favorites.

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