Why you’ll want to abide by Carnival’s new ban

With summer in full force, summer vacation planning is in full force too. If you are planning this year’s cruise though, be sure to take into account Carnival Cruise Line will begin banning carry-on beverages in July.

According to PEOPLE, “Carnival explained the decision to customers in a letter, claiming that inspecting the vast number of foreign bottles was bogging ships down at the port.”

USA TODAY adds, “The letter also explained that cruise personnel cannot effectively monitor consumption of alcohol that isn’t sold on the ships.”

While I understand many of you are bummed out about about the ban and trying to find alternate ways to sneak alcohol onto the ship — take it from me and my three best friends from college — you’re better off spending the $7 for a single (and delicious might I add) dirty banana.

Shortly after graduating from college, we took a celebratory cruise to the Bahamas. Since we solely obtained our degrees, and had no jobs lined up at the time, we could barely afford our cruise tickets, let alone any overpriced drinks on the cruise.

So, we decided we had no choice but to smuggle our alcohol onto the ship by means of shampoo bottles (I know, it seems totally weird now and probably not legal at that, but it made complete sense at the time #noshame).

Though it tasted awful and we all accredit our friend’s allergic reaction to the chemicals in the bottle, it did manage to save us some money. However, I repeat, IT TASTED AWFUL AND CAUSED AN ALLERGIC REACTION, so I wouldn’t recommend this means to anybody.

Plus, there is an exemption to the new ban: passengers will be allowed to carry on one single bottle of fine wine or champagne.

So despite Carnival’s sucky solution, I say enjoy your permitted bottle of wine or champagne, even if it requires you to spend a little — okay a lot of — extra cash.

Trust me, when you’re sippin’ away on a beverage that tastes like heaven rather than shampoo, you’ll be glad you did.

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