John Cena defeats Kevin Owens in rematch at MITB

A champion vs. champion match is always fun to watch, and tonight’s between United States Champion John Cena and NXT Champion Kevin Owens was no exception. In a hard-fought battle with too many near-finishes to count, Cena weathered the storm against the ever-aggressive Owens.

Simply put, there are few words one can use to do this match justice. The highly pro-Owens crowd got behind the NXT Champion from start to finish, and roared when he hit his signature Pop-up Powerbomb and cannonball flip. Owens also got quite a pop when he stole Cena’s aptly named “Five Moves of Doom” and hit him with a Five Knuckle Shuffle.

But no matter what these men did, be it Owens getting a phenomenal counter to an attempted superplex from Cena to Cena locking Owens in the STF twice, it was starting to look like neither man would be able to finish their opponent off. But then Cena hit his newly acquired Springboard Stunner, visibly rattling Owens. The AA followed, and the rest is history. Cena got his revenge as the crowd seemed half disgusted and half proud.

Cena then offered a handshake to Owens, who took it, only to turn on Cena again once his hand was raised. The heel heat was back, and Owens left the ring and walked up the ramp as he laughed maniacally. Cena was not so lucky, as he was helped up the ramp and to the back by officials. Whether or not he was truly hurt or just selling being injured remains to be seen, but one thing is certain.

Kevin Owens is in WWE and he is there to stay. I’ve said before that he could very well be the answer to former champion CM Punk, particularly in how he has worked with Cena, and his future is definitely bright whether or not Cena is involved.

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