Secluded college gaining internet interest

Take every 90’s cult college flick about crazy college, mash them together with the unease you feel from watching “Lord of the Flies”, and add an extra dash of mystery, and you might get Deep Springs College.

BroBible recently published a story on this extra exclusive college hidden out in Central California cattle country, north of Death Valley. It’s secluded and strictly-male, consisting of a measly 26 student body.

The concept of an elite institution that literally nobody has access to that is run by the student body of before was so enticing, we had to do a little additional digging ourselves.

(Note: Digging was a serious pain in the behind, because every link on the school’s main website doesn’t work.)

The only outlet who seems to have had a recent look-in on Deep Springs explains that the school requires students to log a minimum of 20 hours of manual labor a week. Drugs and alcohol are prohibited, but cigarettes and tobacco are allowed.

Outsiders have to ask for permission to visit the school–which, according to this article, can be a months-long process–and anything in the way of “emergency facilities” is about 45 minutes away.

Seriously, is this a school or the topic of “Hotel California”?

The real question is though–with a couple internet outlets writing about Deep Springs College, is the school going to come under greater scrutiny? Is the publicity going to cause more people to want to visit? Or better yet, get more young men to want to apply to go to school there?

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Former Murray State guard excited to be in 2K16