10 (more) schools that dominate the NBA/NFL drafts

This article’s purpose is to follow-up and expand on “10 Schools That Dominate the NFL and NBA Drafts” posted June 29, 2015 on Campus Sports.

The formula I used for part deux of this series considers first-round selections from colleges in the Power 5 (ACC, SEC, PAC-12, Big Ten and Big 12).

North Carolina

NBA: Bob McAdoo (1972, 2nd overall), Michael Jordan (1984, 3rd overall), Vince Carter (1998, 5th overall)

NFL: Lawrence Taylor (1981, 2nd overall), Julius Peppers (2002, 2nd overall), Jonathan Cooper (2013, 7th overall)


NBA: Dave Bing (1966, 2nd overall), Carmelo Anthony (2003, 3rd overall), Dion Waiters (2012, 4th overall)

NFL: Art Monk (1980, 18th overall), Donovan McNabb (1999, 2nd overall), Dwight Freeney (2002, 11th overall)


NBA: George Yardley (1950, 7th overall), Josh Childress (2004, 6th overall), Brook and Robin Lopez (2008; Brook – 10th overall, Robin – 15th overall)

NFL: James Lofton (1978, 6th overall), John Elway (1983, 1st overall), Andrew Luck (2012, 1st overall)


NBA: Charles Barkley (1984, 4th overall), Chuck Person (1986, 4th overall), Wesley Person (1994, 23rd overall)

NFL: Bo Jackson (1986 1st overall), Carlos Rogers (2005, 4th overall), Cam Newton (2011, 1st overall)


Florida State

NBA: Dave Cowens (1970, 4th overall), Sam Cassell (1993, 24th overall), Al Thornton (2007, 14th overall)

NFL: Deion Saunders (1989, 5th overall), Derrick Brooks (1995, 28th overall), Antonio Cromartie (2006, 19th overall)

Georgia Tech

NBA: John Salley (1986, 11th overall), Stephon Marbury (1996, 4th overall), Chris Bosh (2003, 4th overall)

NFL: Keith Brooking (1998, 12th overall), Calvin Johnson (2007, 2nd overall), Demaryius Thomas (2010, 22nd overall)


NBA: Jo Jo White (1969, 9th overall), Paul Pierce (1998, 10th overall), Andrew Wiggins (2014, 1st overall)

NFL: John Riggins (1971, 6th overall), Aqib Talib (2008, 20th overall)



NBA: Bernard King (1977, 7th overall), Dale Ellis (1983, 9th overall), Tobias Harris (2011, 19th overall)

NFL: Peyton Manning (1998, 1st overall), Albert Haynesworth (2002, 5th overall), Eric Berry (2010, 5th overall)


NBA: LaMarcus Aldridge (2006, 2nd overall), Kevin Durant (2007, 2nd overall), Tristan Thompson (2011, 4th overall)

NFL: Earl Campbell (1978, 1st overall), Ricky Williams (1999, 5th overall), Brian Orakpo (2009, 13th overall)


NBA: Rick Barry (1965, 2nd overall), John Salmons (2002, 26th overall), Shane Larkin (2013, 18th overall)

NFL: Jim Kelly (1983, 14th overall), Michael Irvin (1988, 11th overall), Ray Lewis (1996, 26th overall)

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NFL Supplemental Draft to take place July 9th