Video: The glowing skin of Aston Martin’s DBS

Luxury brand, Aston Martin, has accomplished a special feat for the Gumball 3000 rally – a photo-luminescent Aston Martin DBS.

David Morgan of the rally’s Team 46 contacted Hamish Scott of Nevana Designs for a customized paint titled “Starpath UV.” The Aston Martin DBS will illuminate its trajectory path for 10 hours, but according to the paint’s creator, it’s more about safety than eye candy.

“Should a car break down on a dark road or motorway, or indeed a boat be stranded at sea, the UV coated surface can be seen from miles away and after it is charged during the day remains luminescent for at least 10 hours.”

Gumball 3000 Rally Fact Sheet

What: 3,000 mile intercontinental rally, starting in London
When: started in 1999 (from London to Rimini, Italy)
Who: Maximillion Cooper
Where (previous traversed cities): London to New York (2010), London to Istanbul (2011), “Sea to Shining Sea” route (2012), Copenhagen to Monaco (2013), Miami to Ibiza (2014), Stockholm to Las Vegas (2015)

Netherlands’ Glowing Highway

One hundred kilometers SE of Amsterdam lies highway N239 in Oss, Netherlands. What makes this highway a special mention is its utilization of a paint that charges during the day and lights up for after-hour motorists.

The paint’s glowing capacity of eight hours also has a financial benefit, as the government is trying to slim down on energy consumption and its associated costs.

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