College athletes’ compensation from the EA/NCAA settlement

A widespread of lawsuits will brush over the NCAA and Electronic Arts in the following weeks pertaining to athletes receiving payouts for appearances in either a football or men’s basketball video game from 2003 to 2014. It’s reported that a total of $60 million ($40M to agreed EA settlements, $20M in the NCAA’s) is to be allocated and distributed from both the NCAA and EA settlements.

Eligibility requirements state that – to be considered for reimbursement – the player’s name, photograph or jersey had to be virtually identifiable. Failure to do so and a player is granted the least amount in the NCAA settlement with $74; whereas in the EA settlement, $129 is issued to the player. The most any current or former player would get from the NCAA settlement is about $2,440 (EA settlement = $4,260).

In a court filing Thursday after the deadline passed, plaintiffs said only five class members opted out of the settlement, two objections were received, and 16,172 class members have completed forms. The parties said that the claims rate was 16 percent for the EA settlement and 24 percent for the NCAA settlement.

There were 111,174 real football roster players and 21,309 real basketball roster players who matched virtual avatars in the video games. At a 25 percent claims rate, a player with a single avatar match would receive $1,893 per year and a roster appearance would grant $183 per year.

Per USA Today:

Of the $60 million in combined settlement money, the lawyers are seeking fees not to exceed $19 million and expenses not to exceed $3 million.

A total of nearly $200,000 would be set aside as “participation awards” for named plaintiffs, including former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon, former Nebraska and Arizona State football player Sam Keller and former Rutgers football player Ryan Hart.

The final approval hearing before a federal judge is July 16.

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