Photo: N.C. State fan gets ‘UNC Cheat’ license plate

Sports fandom is a wonderful thing that, at times, gets a bit intense. My uncle used to have Los Angeles Lakers vanity plates on his car and, as a New York Yankees fan, I’ve owned my fair share of “Boston Sucks” T-shirts.

But one N.C. State Wolfpack fan has taken their love for the Wolfpack and dislike for the North Carolina Tar Heels to a whole new level. Earlier today on Twitter, a picture was posted of one N.C. State fan’s license plate that took a shot at UNC.

For those unaware, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is currently awaiting punishment from the NCAA following an investigation that uncovered major academic fraud. Allegedly, student athletes took fake classes that only required a short paper be written so that an easy “A” grade could be achieved and thus keep said student athletes eligible to play their respective sport.

This N.C. State fan clearly felt the need to rub their disdain for the Tar Heels in everyone’s face, thus the license plate. It’s a clever means of showing one’s support for a favorite team, but isn’t this rubbing salt in the wound just a LITTLE bit? UNC has enough on its plate right now, and the university doesn’t need any further shots taken at it.

Then again…I wonder…would it be too much to set up a Boston Red Sox effigy burning station in my living room? Better ask the missus…

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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