Florida Gators fan trolls FSU on Craigslist

College football fans are known to sometimes go overboard, perhaps best exemplified by the now infamous poisoning of Toomer’s Corner by Alabama fetishist Harvey Updyke.

Today another such example of line-crossing surfaced, albeit one not nearly as serious as the destruction of a beloved landmark.

Courtesy of a University of Florida fan, an add was posted yesterday on Tallahassee Craigslist looking for “part time female entrapment agents to target and entrap Florida State football players.”

The ad goes on to say that “light skinned girls are most welcome” because their bruising would be more visible and that applicants must be willing to “take [a] beating by a guy twice your size and be willing to speak to the media the next day (assuming your jaw isn’t broken).”

As Matt Hladik of CollegeSpun.com notes, making light of women getting beaten is most definitely “not cool.”

When former FSU quarterback De’Andre Johnson was caught on video landing a devastating right hook on a clearly intoxicated woman at a bar, people immediately jumped on the school for not being able to control its players. The allegations against currently suspended FSU running back Dalvin Cook are just as serious, and have brought even more negative attention to both the football program and the school as a whole for off-field issues.

That being said, UF doesn’t have a great track record with off-field issues itself. In a recent report from Outside the Lines, both FSU and UF were cited specifically as programs where athletes are often given preferential treatment by law enforcement.

So while yes, FSU is rightfully in the spotlight because its players are allegedly committing atrocities off the field, UF is the last program whose fans should be talking. Things could turn on UF (or any other school, really) in an instant if just one of the 100+ players on its roster gets caught doing something he “wishes he could take back” on camera.

Nevertheless, rivalries run thick in college football and UF fans are undoubtedly going to get their money’s worth bringing FSU down off the field (because God knows they haven’t been able to on it lately). Still, joking about abuse is never funny, and when it comes to issues like this in football, what goes around often comes around. Hopefully UF fans will remember that next time before they joke about violence against women from their imaginary pedestals.

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