Jordan Spieth spins quote gold in Mickelson profile

There can be an argument over who the best golfer on the PGA Tour is. But there is no denying that the award for Most Quotable goes to Jordan Spieth.

So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the 21-year-old’s comments in an ESPN profile on Phil Mickelson are pure gold.

FTW aptly focused in on a quote from Spieth in Kevin Van Valkenburg’s profile talking about how Mickelson is a mentor to the young up-and-coming players, while also remaining competitive with them.

“… It’s not like he’s giving us stuff to write in a journal. He’s giving us crap and trying to be competitive. He wants us to play well, and he also wants to beat the crap out of us. But if you have questions, he has great answers…”

Beat the crap out of you? Oh Mr Spieth, you have such a way with words. Sweet, sweet poetry.

Judging by the rest of the profile, Mickelson probably isn’t giving any guys on the tour a knuckle sandwich. He is, according to the article, quite the smack-talker though. Per Señor Spieth:

“A lot of people, when he dishes it, they try to dish it back. For me, I just sit there and smile and it really pisses him off. He said to me once, ‘I really don’t get in your head, do I?’ I said ‘Nah, you’re pretty weak at it.'”

Being a fly on the wall for a Lefty-Spieth smack-talk session? Yes please.

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