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King Barrett wins Battle for the Crown at WWE Battleground


King Barrett got some much needed momentum as he defeated R-Truth in the “Battle for the Crown” during WWE Battleground’s kickoff show. The timing of the victory could not have been better, as the former Intercontinental Champion’s momentum was practically flatlining ever since he won the King of the Ring tournament back in April.

The match, set up after Truth continually made a mockery of Barrett’s crown in the weeks leading up to it by wearing a flimsy crown and robe while carrying a plunger in lieu of a scepter, was very back and forth. Barrett kept his heel heat high by mocking the crowd with Truth’s signature “WHAT’S UP?” shout, as well as calling for the crowd to hail him as Truth was down on the mat.

Truth got his fair share of moves in, as at one point it looked like the King of the Ring would be stopped by a scissor-kick to the back of the head, but Barrett kicked out and managed to land his signature Winds of Change. But Truth still kicked out.

Shortly afterward, the elbow guard was turned inside out as Barrett set up for the finishing Bullhammer, only for Truth to duck and roll up the King, who kicked out. It was at that point that another Bullhammer was attempted, which hit Truth square on the noggin as Barrett pinned him to claim the victory.

Just what’s next remains to be seen. Barring company management deciding a rematch is necessary, which is unlikely given how Barrett won cleanly, Truth will likely go back to being a jobber.

Hopefully, King Barrett will now use this victory and his rising heel heat to get a long overdue push.

Moreover, here’s hoping that this match is just the first in what should be a great night!

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports


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