Bear eats entire bag of dog food and falls into food coma

Ted in real life? Man, some pranksters take it too far! Teaching a bear to walk? Now that’s ludicrous. But it’s apparently true. The bear walking part, not the kids teaching it to. It was a normal Saturday afternoon in Lake Mary, Florida when Bob Cross, a 72-year-old firefighter pulled out his camera and captured the walking black bear.

“It was just sitting there on the ground and I could see it was eating something,” Cross told ABC News.

The bear was hungry, scrounging through Cross’ neighbor’s garbage in search of munchies to satiate his big bear gut. All he found was dog food, and a beggar ain’t a chooser.

After eating his fill, the bear had the audacity to roll up (no not that one) and over and took a nap like grandpa on a Sunday Afternoon. I swear these things think they rule everything.

Mr. Cross thinks so too, saying, “It laid all the way down and the thing just rolled right over. I thought, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.”

After his afternoon nap, the bear just upped and left. No thank you, no nothing.

Thanks for nothing, you big ball o’hair.

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