Jimbo Fisher: LSU is a very special place for me

Jimbo Fisher may be the current head coach at FSU, but a big part of him still remains at LSU.

During a speech at the Coaches Association’s annual Coaching Clinic, Fisher recalled all the good times he had in Baton Rouge.

“There’s just so many fond memories. LSU is a very special place, a very special place for me and my family. It was tremendous to be able to come back” Fisher said. “I have an unbelievably tremendous amount of respect for the state of Louisiana, the coaches association and the players.”

Fisher was preordained to give two 50-minute seminars on coaching and what he has learned over the years but elected to give one 2-hour elaboration of his view on what it takes to have an effective offense in the FBS. Fisher scribbled X’s and O’s on a whiteboard while hastily describing all of his favorite offensive schemes, fitting all of his passion that he could into the allotted time. The coach also used the clinic as an opportunity to receive feedback, allowing for questions to be asked throughout the session.

As you would expect, Fisher was asked about the off-the-field issues with former FSU QB De’Andre Johnson.

Fisher understands that college players today live in a different day and age; they must be aware of the wholly scrutinizing media that looms over college athletics.

“Everything kids do is magnified today because of social media, but it should be,” Fisher said. “When you’re in a high-profile program you have to understand this as a player and a person.

“You have to be able to manage it. We’re not playing kids four years any more. As redshirt juniors and sophomores they’re gone to the NFL. The physicality comes earlier and I think we’re putting kids in situations they’re not ready for maturity-wise.

“So we have to do a better job of educating them and putting programs in place to ensure they make the right decisions. One mistake can cost you a future. That’s a big lesson for all of us.”

A big lesson indeed; with big brother always watching, college athletes must start to understand the repercussions of their actions at an earlier age.

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