Amazon widens distribution with a drive-up grocery store concept

On a report via Engadget and the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Amazon has undertaken a grocery shopper’s fantasy of foregoing aisle browsing and delayed deliveries to assemble an internet exclusive for online-based grocery shopping.

The first installation of the project would be in Sunnyvale, California, a city in Santa Clara County and an avenue to the country’s beloved technology hub – companies that call Sunnyvale home include Yahoo!, AMD, Lockheed Martin and Honeywell.

Dimensions for the Silicon Valley’s location are charted at 11,600 square feet and will rest alongside Sunnyvale Saratoga Road.

“Amazon’s entire value proposition is based on this idea of immediacy, and getting items to the shopper as quickly as possible,” said Nicole Santosuosso, Amazon follower and analyst for Kantar Retail. “I could see something like this being tied into that overall value proposition.”

Santosuosso also declared that “their [Amazon’s] play is for the grocery basket. It’s important to look at it more broadly. They’re trying to win that consumables trip.”

Erecting this physical monument for grocery shoppers would be a cousin to Amazon’s other grocery child, AmazonFresh, which supplies same- or next-day groceries via delivery and not a physical location.

In documents submitted to city officials pertaining to the outlay of Amazon’s proposed concept, “customers will pre-order their grocery and other retail items, then choose a specific 15-minute to two-hour pickup window” and “consumers can also arrive on foot or bicycle and pick up their groceries and other retail items in the store”.

Last week, Amazon mastered the title of “King of the Hill” over retail giant Walmart in market capitalization, accruing $263.2 billion (20 percent increase from Q1), compared to Walmart’s $232.7 billion.

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