San Francisco testing specialized paint for public urinators

Home to the 49ers and the Golden State Warriors, the city of San Francisco has decided to use a pee-repelling paint manufactured by UltraTech International called Ultra Ever Dry, whose application’s main purpose is to direct a public urinators own pH-based liquid back onto the violator.

The technology behind this hydrophobic, or water resistant, paint is popular in Hamburg, Germany, where – in the party district of St. Pauli – “anti-pee vigilantes” are stepping forward in protest of those who decide to paint the district’s walls with urine-scented aromas.

San Francisco’s Public Works Director, Mohammad Nuru, felt a tinkle of inspiration for the Deutschland’s execution of the paint and has made an agenda of his own to concentrate Ultra Ever Dry in nine districts of markets saturated with bars and other nightlife venues.

“We’ve gotten many, many calls from people who wanted it done in their alley or on their buildings,” said Rachel Gordon, a Public Works spokeswoman. “Some people are saying it’s just a gimmick, but other people hope it will combat some of the smelly areas of San Francisco that have been saturated with urine.”

While to preserve infrastructure, applying the paint has positive upside as a financial implication: lower costs. And according to Reuters, blanketing the walls in this specialized paint halts the need to employ steam cleaners to wipe the walls dry, which isn’t cost effective.

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